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Animal hospital care for your pet's medical, surgical, radiological, and preventive medicine needs. Serving Deep Creek Lake Maryland; Preston County West Virginia including Mineral, Grant, and Tucker County; Garrett County and Alleghany County Maryland.


Do you know children are by far the most common victims of dog bite, and most likely to be severely injured. Most children are bitten by familiar dogs during everyday activities.

There are a number of things that you can do to avoid dog bites, ranging from training and socializing your pet to helping children understand how to approach a dog and, first, whether they should.


Our mission is to provide quality veterinary medicine for pet animals and REASONABLE FEES. We provide AN ENVIRONMENT OF COOPERATION with pet owners to attain the best possible care.

We strive to make every visit an enjoyable experience. Please, always, communicate your thoughts, fears, hopes, and expectations to our friendly staff.

We are a small, family, practice with a dedicated staff in the Appalachian Mountains of far Western Maryland.

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Countryside A.H., 50 Weber Road, Oakland, MD 21550

Paul Deal, D.V.M.
- Dr. Deal is the owner and only veterinarian at Countryside. He graduated from 'The Ohio State University' in 1972. Immediately after graduation, he moved to the Oakland area and has practiced there since.

In 1977, he helped organize a comprehensive degree program at the local community college in veterinary technology. During and after the program, Dr. Deal continued to practice veterinary medicine.

He currently limits his practice to pet animals. Most aspects of pet animal medicine are available including health care, preventive medicine, surgery, and behavior counseling.

- Cheyenne began working at Countryside Animal Hospital when she was still in high school. She quickly showed a talent for working with animals and did very well at her job.

After graduating, she continued working at Countryside, wanting to explore her passion for helping animals further. Since then, she has taken on a much larger role on, in the business itself.

After six years at Countryside, Cheyenne has moved into the role of Office Manager and is now a vital role of our team. She has a knowledge of everything that goes on inside our office and keeps a close eye on the patients health and well being, thus making sure each pet that comes through our door is given the best possible health care we can provide.

Cheyenne has a true love for animals and has a special connection with many of our clients.

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